Online Healthy Grocer Takes Aim at Chronic Diseases

Sitraa Healthy Marketplace
Source: Sitraa

EDISON, NJ — Combating chronic diseases just got a little easier with the debut of an online healthy grocery marketplace.

Edison, NJ-based Sitraa Inc.,  a technology and healthcare company, launched the Sitraa Health Market Platform to provide users with an online grocery market and to connect them with registered nutritionists.

“We need to change our eating habits,” said Sekhar Divakarun, Sitraa’s co-founder and CEO. “Sitraa Health Platform focuses on the western diet, which is the root cause of chronic diseases. Research shows that food is a key driver of chronic conditions. The current retail market model that just automatically sells every conceived food product, without having a qualified dietitian to advise the buyers, is not working.”

The Sitraa online marketplace is geared toward changing the eating habits of its subscribers and providing them with healthy options and access to expert advice. Site features include personalized advice from nutritionists, tips on shopping lists, advice on dining out, the ability to search for individual products and receive recommendations based on your profile, and much more.

Membership plans start at $9.95 a month.

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